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Nebraska is spending over $35,000 a year for family health insurance on the Standard Plan for State employees. Governor Pete Ricketts spent more than any other State! Trump’s Plan in Lincoln for a 30-year-old couple and child is $231 a month (7/23)! Trump’s Plan is much less because of Healthy Discounts!

The cheapest Blue Cross Obamacare plan is $1,039/month for this family and only a dangerous and deadly HMO is available that pays NOTHING out-of-network!

The MAYO Clinic, voted best US Hospital by US News and World Report, participates with the Trump Plan’s Aetna Open Access PPO but not Nebraska’s Blue Cross HMO.

Optional Dental pays to $3,000 per person per year after the 2nd year and the AME accident deductible drops to ZERO after the 2nd year with 100% accident coverage!

Oklahoma State employees with family coverage pay $887/month out of their paycheck for a Blue Cross HMO! Above family in Oklahoma City is $226 a month! Oklahoma Moms, if you’re a 30-year-old State employee switch to the Trump Plan and get BETTER coverage if your son becomes sick and SAVE $661/month!

Oklahoma’s cheapest Obamacare Blue Cross is a PPO that has an $18,000 deductible and only pays 50% Out-Of-Network. Unforgivable! Got the Blues? Paying too much?