All Republican Presidential candidates gave speeches at Iowa Senator Joni Ernst Annual Pig BBQ in June of 2023 except President Trump.  The New York Times reported, “Ron Greiner (’s RG) was “incensed” that none of the candidates mentioned Obamacare.”  Blue Cross Association got Obamacare passed to eliminate Individual Medical (IM) from being competition to their overpriced employer-based insurance plans, their cash cow.  Blue Cross failed because President Trump, by Executive Order, saved low-cost Short-Term-Medical (STM) by letting it last for 3 years instead of Obamacare’s one year.

Let’s compare Obamacare and President Trumps Plan in Lincoln, Nebraska on a 30-year-old couple with 2 children.  Blue Cross on Obamacare’s cheapest plan is $1,301 a month with a $9,100 deductible.  President Trump’s Plan is $301 per month or $1,000 a month cheaper!  President Biden HATES that President Trump’s plan is cheaper so on 7/8/23 Biden had an Executive Order to OUTLAW President Trump’s low-cost Plan.  Biden called Trump’s Plan JUNK and a SCAM and LIED by saying surgery wasn’t covered.  After one week not one Republican in America disagreed with Biden.  Trump stands alone.

Now let’s compare employer-based insurance to Trump’s Plan on the same family in Lincoln.  Nebraska’s State employee plan’s cost is $2,957 a month for the Regular Plan.  Remember, Trump’s Plan is just $301 a month or $2,656 cheaper every month!  Employer-based insurance is so overpriced that the employees’ share of $621 a month is over TWICE the cost of Trump’s Plan!  US Senator Pete Rickets picked the most expensive State Employee insurance plan in America as Governor of Nebraska.  Pete Ricketts brags that he hasn’t endorsed President Trump.

Now let’s compare overpriced Medicaid to President Trump’s low-cost high-quality Plan.  We know big-spending Governor Pete Ricketts and Nebraska was spending $9,759 a year per person for each non-elderly adult in 2019 for poor-quality Medicaid, the last year Ricketts disclosed numbers.  A 30-year-old woman on President Trump Plan in 2023 in Lincoln is $2,042 a year which includes dental to $2,000 per year!  After the 2nd year the dental increases to $3,000 per year!  Plus, her accident deductible is reduced to $250 then she enjoys 100% coverage.  If she has a heart attack, cancer, or stroke she gets a check for $30,000!  Trust me; Medicaid is not delivering checks for $30K to bald-headed women.

Medicaid is so poorly managed that CMS reported in 2022 Medicaid had $98 billion in improper (fraudulent) payments.  Centene, the largest company in Obamacare and Medicaid, was the best stock on the S&P 500 in 2018!  Obviously, there is huge money in Obamacare and Medicaid.  Politicians love it.

America’s biggest SCAM is over-priced employer-based insurance.  If the above Mother in Lincoln was a Nebraska state employee and if she got ovarian cancer and became too sick to work her price for COBRA is $3,016.73 per month!  That is more than any other state thanks to Pete Rickett.

America’s JUNK is over-priced Obamacare.  Farmers and ranchers in Iowa and Nebraska are restricted to low-quality HMOs that pay NOTHING when a sick child goes out of network to the MAYO Clinic trying to survive.  Trump’s Plan includes the MAYO as a participating provider.  Not one Obamacare plan in Texas uses MD Anderson Cancer Hospital in Texas.  Trump’s Plan includes MD Anderson as a provider.

Ron Greiner (RG) enrolled America’s 1st tax-free Health Savings Account (HSA) in October of 1996 when they were called Medical Savings Accounts (MSA). There were 32 million HSAs in 2022 with $100 billion in assets so he really started something. RG predicts that soon no Governor, employer or age will be able to stop citizens from saving in the smartest way with tax-free HSAs. It’s TIME to SAVE!

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