President Obama promised, “If you like your plan you can keep it, period.”  Obama LIED and by Executive Order he OUTLAWED Short-Term-Medical (STM) because it’s very cheap for “healthy people.”  President Trump reversed Obama’s order with his own Executive Order and let low-cost STM last for 3 years.  Now STM is called the “Trump Plan.”  Many States OUTLAWED Trump’s Plan to protect the Blue Cross monopoly in their state.  Iowa Governor Reynolds tried to OUTLAW trump’s plan in 2019.  Trump’s Plan is too cheap!’s RG wrote a letter during the “Comment Period” and Reynold’s gave up and Trump’s Plan lives in Iowa.  RG’s 2019 letter is brutally honest to Iowa’s Governor ReynoldsRead it HERE.

A 30-year-old couple with 2 children in Ames, Iowa can get the Trump Plan for $350/month.  The State of Iowa employees’ family cost is $2,057/month for the Blue Cross PPO.  Employees pay $370/month so the Trump Plan is $20/month cheaper for all families.  The Blues only have single and family rates and make single-parent Moms pay as much as larger families.  A single –parent Mom must pay $370 a month with no dental.  A 30-year-old Mom and son can get the Trump Plan for $287/month including Dental.  Mom saves $83/month plus possibly thousands more annually with dental on herself and son.

The #1 Insurance Rule:  Plan for the worst, then pray for the best.  Why?  Because when the worst happens you are prepared.  That is why you have insurance.  Employer-based insurance is the worst for those with life threatening illnesses.  When the single-parent Mom gets cancer and is too sick to work her employer, Iowa, stops taxpayers from paying and makes the cancerous Mother pay 102%!  The sick Mom with no income has COBRA rates of $2,098/month!  That is almost 6 times more!  The Trump Plan is cheaper and portable.

Iowa City School District is charging teachers $725/month to add 1 child to Blue Cross with no dentalTrump’s Plan is $163.55/month with $2,500/deductible with [step-up-dental] $2,000 per year the 1st year, $2,500 the 2nd year and $3,000 annually thereafter.  Also, included is the Accident Medical Expense (AME) which has a $250 deductible on accidents that vanishes to ZERO after the 2nd year.  Moms like ZERO accident deductibles on sons.

OBAMACARE’s cheapest Blue Cross “Child Only” plan is an HMO with a $7,200 deductible for $212.87/month.  No coverage at non-member hospitals.  Blue’s cost does not include dental.  Farmers have very few insurance choices in Iowa since Obama.

Biden is ELIMINATING the last PPO for Iowa farmers to purchase on their children!

Don’t Worry.  We are in Biden’s “Comment Period” for the rest of the summer of 2023.  Not one Republican politician has called Biden a liar for saying the Trump Plan doesn’t cover surgery!  With the 2024 Election anything can happen.  If Biden shuts down the Trump Plan he must give us warning before the ban starts.  It’s the law.  All enrolled before the “Biden-Ban” may choose 3-year-terms and save tens of thousands of dollars annually in some states!

Sign-Up for Biden-Ban WARNING: HERE