Michelle Mandarin, Mama Bear, is shining the light brightly and exposing the torture Employer-Based Benefits (EBB) inflicts on teachers and their dependent children. Mama Bear is running for Superintendent of Tampa Bay’s Pasco School District (PSD) in the 2024 Election. Pasco School District is America’s largest school district that permits voters to determine who is Superintendent. Mama Bear said, “Affordable and fair insurance coverage is crucial, especially for those who devote their lives to educating our future generations.”

Many School Districts in America are like the Private Sector and make employees pay 100% of the employees’ dependent’s insurance expenses. Pasco Schools make teachers pay $1,899 a month to insure a 30-year-old husband and child with Florida Blue Cross PPO. Superintendent Kurt Browning was warned in 2015 that Florida Blue was overcharging teachers by Save201.com’s Founder RG. In the last 8 years Superintendent Browning has been UNABLE to find a less expensive insurer than expensive Florida Blue Cross. View current Pasco teacher’s cost HERE.

Iowa City teachers must pay $725 a month to add a child to the Blue Cross insurance. Teachers who get Trump’s Plan for a child save over $500 a month plus the child has dental coverage. Teachers in Lee Summit, Missouri pay $2,183 a month for a Kansas City Blue Cross HMO to add a husband and son plus taxpayers pay an additional $877 a month. Poor teachers who become too sick to work pay the entire $3,060 monthly premium plus an additional 2% for COBRA administration. Sick teachers’ COBRA cost is $37,454 per year, view rates HERE.

Mama Bear reports, “Employer-based benefits unveil the incompetence and sheer corruption of the school board. The reason I am running for Superintendent of Schools in Pasco County is because of the lack of Integrity I have witnessed in the district.” RG adds, “Imagine, charging teachers $2,183 a month for an HMO and calling it a benefit, then charge them dues and tell them to vote for Democrats! It’s Orwellian.

Superintendent Kurt Browning and the Pasco School District attorney were informed by RG in 2015 that the Life Insurance Kurt Browning was selling to teachers would TERMINATE if she got cancer and became too sick to work. Instead of replacing the worthless life insurance, Kurt Browning has created an elaborate Benefits Selling Document that STILL LIES and says Minnesota Life’s Insurance premiums will increase. Where is Kurt Browning’s ethics?

Kurt Browning’s Life SCAM, page 13 never mentions TERMINATION, Life Scam HERE

Visit her official website: Michelle Mandarin for Superintendent