President George W. Bush vetoed Hillary’s Children’s Health Insurance Plan (CHIP) TWICE when it was up for reauthorization in 2007.  The President didn’t want America’s children dependent on government insurance.  Senator Grassley of Iowa disagreed calling Hillary’s children’s insurance “Vitol.” Iowa’s Senator Grassley fought and won “Reauthorization” with a veto-proof-vote in the Senate.  President Bush’s hands were tied.  Hillary’s CHIP survived.

In 2023 Centene has Iowa’s CHIP program called HAWK-I.  Centene is the largest insurance company in Obamacare and Medicaid and was the best stock on the S&P 500 in 2018.  There is huge money in Medicaid.  Centene has multiple class-action lawsuits.  The Chicago lawsuit is a “RICO Act” violation reserved for criminal organizations.  Centene provides consumers [fictitious] medical provider directories.  Read about Centene’s RICA Act lawsuit HERE.

A Freedom of Information Act request revealed Centene took billions from Illinois taxpayers but made poor Chicago Foster Children wait over a year to see a doctor.  The Department of Healthcare and Family Services (HFS) was forced to release records initially withheld after Centene argued its performance metrics should be considered “trade secrets.”

“Even as Centene was being paid more than $5.2 billion over the past year to provide care for its Illinois Medicaid patients, foster parents said they have needed to pay out of their pockets for expensive medical services that Centene was paid to provide.”’s RG asserts, “Any company that takes billions to insure children then makes them wait over a year for treatment has a serious character flaw.”  Read About Centene Foster Children HERE.

The 2024 Election is different because none of the 23 Democrat Senators running can defend Centene, Obamacare and Medicaid’s largest insurer.  They scream, “Expand Medicaid”, won’t pack the same punch as the past.  Democrats have hit the end of the line.

President Biden’s Ban on Trump’s Plan will eliminate the only PPO available to farmers’ children.  Iowa Senator Charles Grassley should stand with President Trump and protect Iowa’s only remaining PPO for farmers and ranchers. It’s TIME to save America’s children! 

Call Senator Grassley and tell him to Save America’s children: (202) 224-3744